Welcome to the Weight Loss Challenge



Welcome to the 8-Week Weight Loss Challenge, hosted by The Drop Shop! I am psyched that you found this page (even if by accident) because I am confident you will be so blessed by what we're inviting you to do with us! So ... ready? This will an 8-week program specifically designed to do three things. First, we want to CHALLENGE YOU to make time for some easy but life-changing habits. Second, to stay present and excited about any new venture, we want to ENCOURAGE YOU by connecting you to a group of people who share your goal to get healthier. And of course, for this to stick, we need to EDUCATE YOU by sharing more information about the role essential oils can play in working on weight loss. In turn, you'll discover how many other ways three simple essential oils can make you feel healthier, stronger, more alert, and happier!

We will begin our challenge on Monday, March 16th, and conclude on Monday, April 27th. And remember, you won't be doing this alone! Anyone participating will be invited to join our “secret” Facebook group (that just means none of your friends will be able to see your posts or view the group without our invitation!).

Throughout the challenge, you'll be integrating essential oils into your daily routine and I will give you weekly challenges that focus on all areas of health and wellness to help you stay focused. But to take it up a notch, we're going to get a little competitive! To participate, I'm asking everyone to put $5 into a pool, like the “diet bets” you may have seen elsewhere. At the end of our challenge, the pot will be divided among the biggest winners (which really means LOSERS)!

How to Participate

This group is open to anyone who is part of The Drop Shop who is a wholesale member. You are a wholesale member if you purchased a premium starter kit.

What If I’m Not a Wholesale Member?

If you haven’t yet purchased a Premium Starter Kit, now’s the time to take the leap so you can have everything you need for the challenge. Here are step-by-step instructions for how to join Young Living, as well as details about the amazing products in the kit. If you are currently a retail customer, it’s best to just start the entire process over as if you never enrolled.  The premium starter kit you'll be buying will include 11 oils (two of which are lemon and peppermint, so you'll already have those for your challenge!), a diffuser and a lifetime, no-strings-attached membership to buy more oils at wholesale price (because, unfortunately there WILL come a day when they run out and you'll be shaking your fists in the air, I promise!).


What if My Friends Want to Join?

Wonderful! This group is open to anyone that's invited by a member of The Drop Shop team and is NOT currently using Young Living oils. Perhaps you have some friends who you think would be interested in taking part in the weight loss challenge, and in learning about using essential oils for wellness. They may participate, as long as they do NOT already have a wholesale Young Living membership through someone not in The Drop Shop.

Do I Need to Become a Wholesale Member?

Great question! 5 ml bottles of lemon and peppermint, the two oils you primarily need, are included in the Premium Starter Kit already, which makes getting started easier. Additionally, we are going to be talking about wellness, overall, throughout the 8 weeks. If you are like me, your weight concerns are not completely removed from other health or emotional issues. We’re going to unpack some of that heavier stuff we might be struggling with and the role essential oils can play in moving us to a happier, healthier place. After the weight loss challenge you will feel very confident about how to make use of every single oil in your kit to promote wellness in many different areas of your life. And, like I said earlier, those 5 ml bottles will eventually run out! :) You will want to be able to buy the 15 ml bottles with your own wholesale membership so that you can complete the challenge and continue maintaining your weight loss in the future. You don't need to buy the grapefruit, but I do recommend it along with the lemon and peppermint, as it acts as an accelerator of sorts, though purchasing grapefruit is NOT required to participate in the challenge.

 Full instructions for how I make the pills with lemon, peppermint and grapefruit are here. We’ll talk about this again once the weight loss challenge begins.

If you don't want to buy the kit, NO FEAR! You are still more than welcome to join our challenge! Keep on reading and see how you can purchase the weight loss bundle – everything you need to start your journey! 

Did You Say Something about Prizes?

Yes! At the beginning of the challenge everyone will be submitting weigh in photos to me. They can be published, but do not have to be. I will keep a record of everyone's starting weight. The top 5 people who lose the largest percentage of their body weight will split the winnings from the pot as Young Living's member favorite products. For example, if 200 people join our challenge, we will have collected $1000. That will be split 5 ways among the top winners and so each person will win $200 in products!

So What if I Want the Bundle?

As a one-time bonus, I will make you a bundle with everything you need to start your challenge, at wholesale price! Also, so you don't have to pay twice, I rolled the $5 cost to "play" this challenge into the total cost.

Weight Loss Bundle Includes:

15 ml bottles of lemon, peppermint, and grapefruit

100 empty capsules

1 dropper bottle

Buy your bundle here!  


I’m Sold and Ready to Rock This; What’s Next?

First, you need add your $5 to the pot!  Remember, if you bought the bundle, I've factored that into the bundle cost!  For all others, you can pay here.  THEN, simply send an email to me at chrissy@thedropshop.com and let me know you've joined! Please use the subject heading “8-Week Weight Loss Challenge,” so your email doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. From there, I’ll get you set up with the Facebook group or place you on the email list for the challenge.


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