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So you’re ready to start becoming oily?  Don’t worry, it’s not as gross as it sounds.  In fact, it’s pretty awesome.  While you do have the option to buy the oils at retail, if you want to start saving serious cash you can become a member and start buying oils at wholesale cost (which is 24% off the retail price).

The best way to start your oily journey is with the Premium Starter Kit (featured above) which includes a lifetime membership (grants you wholesale prices), The Everyday Oils Collection (5ml bottles of lavender, peppermint, digize, r.c., copaiba, lemon, purification, thieves, panaway, and frankincense) AND A HOME DIFFUSER OF YOUR CHOICE!! You will also receive a 5 ml bottle of stress away, oil samples, rollerball fitments and samples of NingXia Red and more that you can choose to keep or give away.

 The Premium Starter Kit has recently just gotten some brand new oils and upgraded diffuser added to it. Now is the PERFECT time to jump on the Oils Train!  One of the best things about this kit is that it features the most commonly used oils and it’s pretty safe to assume that whatever your need is, there’s probably an oil in there that will help you with it.  And this is a great chance to try some very valuable oils for the first for a super reasonable cost!  Need some ideas to get you started? 


Once you purchased your starter kit (which includes your lifetime membership) you can start purchasing oils at wholesale cost (24% off) whenever you want and even set up a rewards program that lets you save even more money. You are never obligated to do ANY of this but you never know, once you start using oils it’s kind of only a matter of time before you run out!  And this makes for a very bad day!  Trust me, I have experience in this! 
And now for the best deal of all, once you sign up with the kit, you will have the ability to be added to The Drop Shop's private facebook group, which is a great community of fellow oilers and people concerned about health!  This is the place to ask questions about how to use your oils and to get suggestions or testimonials from people who are using them every day!  


And now that I’m sure you’re overwhelmed and ready for a nap (Oh!  Lavender with help you with that!), there’s a graphic of the pricing of the Premium Starter Kit and a heads up.  I don't like surprises and I don't want you to be surprised.  Young Living is a network marketing company, so when you buy a membership, you are essentially buying a proprietorship.  But this is very UNLIKE every other marketing company because they never require you to buy again, never require you to sell, in fact, only 03% of members actually do the business in any capacity - the rest are just oiling up their families!  But because of this they will ask for your social upon signing up.  This is not a Young Living requirement, but a federal government requirement in case a friend ever does ask you how to sign up and wants to use your member number, Young Living will compensate you and they need to have your ID on hand to send tax forms should you make a certain amount per year based on tax laws.   

Okay, that’s it!  Now go get your oil on!

Oh wait.  I bet you needed that link again. Don’t worry.  I won’t make you scroll to the top.  See?  Here you go! 

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