How to Make a Capsule (the easy way!)

Okay ya'll, I have gotten wind that some of you are terrified of making an essential oils capsule!  And yes, I have to say it can be a greasy affair but it doesn't have to be!  I'm giving you a day maker here so GET EXCITED!!!  And just to prove how important I think this is I will tell you I HATE making videos of myself!  But I did it and yes, I kept doing multiple takes.  Which means I took more weight loss capsules than I care to count.  So I'm going to keep this brief but I have the sudden urge to clean the house and run around it 5 times!  Yes, peppermint WILL do that to you!  First things, first....


You'll Need

  • Empty Vegetable Capsules.  I like the 00 size personally and like to make sure they're non GMO.  You can buy these from Young Living, Amazon or any local health food store (most likely).

  • Essential Oils.  Duh.  Young Living only PLEASE!   I would never ingest anything else and if you don't believe me, so to your health food store (where you just got your veggie capsules!) and turn the bottle around and see if it tells you to ingest your lavender oil.  If it doesn't have a supplement chart like this, DON'T BUY IT!  

  • Carrier oil.  Optional... But I like it.  Especially if I'm doing oregano, peppermint, basil or something else that might be uncomfortable on an empty stomach.  I like to store my carrier oil in amber glass dropper bottles like this.  No mess!


One you've got your stuff, you're ready to go!  Just fill the empty capsule with the amount of essential oil you need (1-3 drops is usually plenty) and then fill the rest with your carrier oil if using!  And here's another tip!  If you hold your bottle straight up and down, you have no idea where that drop is gonna drop off from so you could end up with super oily hands.  And counters.  And floors.  And children... because honestly, you KNOW if there's a mess to be made they somehow get right under it!  So, hold your bottle at an angle (below) and you'll never miss!  Excuse my un-manicured hands.  I had plans to get my nails done today.  And it's a little past 6 pm and I'm still holding out hope!  A girl can dream, right?



Now if you still feel kerflummoxed don't worry!  You can watch the whole thing, real time!