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So glad you’re here!  My name is Chrissy Smith, a Young Living Gold Leader, and I have been passionately pursuing health for the past 10 years (consequently, also the length time I have been with my health-nut husband!).  Some other things I’m passionate about?  I am a devoted follower of Jesus, head over heels for my husband and completely, out of my mind, beyond blessed mother to 3 children, all of which I have the PRIVILEGE to adopt! Having faced a lot of health issues growing up, and working hard to counteract some of the unique challenges my kiddos have had to face has made me need to turn from conventional medicines which were not cutting it for anyone in our family.  Our continuing cycles of getting sick, going on medications, not knowing what was wrong but getting prescription after prescription to help alleviate symptoms while doctors scratch their heads… sounds familiar?  I know I’m not the only one with THAT story! Essential oils have played one of the biggest roles in maintaining and supporting my health.  And because I know I’m not the only one with this story either - the one that has a happy ending;  I’m so excited to share some of my knowledge with you to help you take control of your own health.  You ready?  Let’s go!  I can help you on your oily journey if you want me to be your sponsor!  Sign up here 








Hi, my name is Cheryl Walker a Young Living Silver Leader, and I am a very busy, and mostly very happy momma of 5 precious kids, ages 10-19.  I have 3 wonderful boys, and  2 fabulous girls.
When I am not busy taking care of my kids and pets,or painting my walls a new color, I am blessed to have several jobs all of which I love. I work as a childbirth educator, yoga instructor, and sometimes a doula.  I honestly love working with people, and have lots of experience with both children and adults, as I have taught in multiple capacities over the past twenty plus years.  Three years ago, I was blessed by a friend, and introduced to YL oils, and have been using them more and more with each passing month, with myself and my kids.  I became a full-fledged distributor about a year and half ago, and now there is no stopping me.  I am so privileged to be apart of The Drop Shop.
It is almost impossible for me to pick a favorite oil.  Plus, I am constantly discovering new ones that I love.  However, my FiRST favorite oil would have to be Peace and Calming...the way it smells and the way it makes me feel.  
When it comes to oil use, I am most interested and knowledgeable about oils used for emotional health, and oils used with yoga and meditation, as these areas are very closely related. I can help you on your oily journey if you want me to be your sponsor at here

Carolyn Herrick, a Young Living Silver Leader, is a 10-year Air Force veteran, wife, and mom who lives in Tucson with her husband, John, and son, AJ. She discovered essential oils in 2013 during a tremendously difficult pregnancy and has since enjoyed learning more about their uses to support her family’s health naturally. She enjoys reading, writing/blogging, cooking, motorcycling, and exercise, and enjoys the travel opportunities her Young Living business has provided for her family. I can help you on your oily journey if you want me to be your sponsor here

<Alyssa Ross>

My name is Alyssa Ross, a Young Living Silver.  I'm also a teacher in North Texas and have a heart for children from hard places.  I have fostered two little girls in the past and long to foster again.  I'm a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and try to follow Him daily and am grateful for His grace when I fail.  I'm so excited to be learning and growing in my Young Living Business and am hoping to be a Work at Home Mom with just my YL income supporting my little family, because at that point I will be fostering again!

My favorite oil is Lavender!  I use it to support healthy skin, promote relaxation and avert occasional sleeplessness!  So many awesome ways to use it!

Everyday uses for oils is my area of expertise.  Skin, sleep, relaxation, digestive support....these are just a few "everyday" uses for our fabulous oils!  I can help you on your oily journey if you want me to be your sponsor here


Hi, I'm Kelly Lee, a Young Living Executive Leader, from North Dallas TX!  I am originally a PA girl and migrated south my 2nd year into marriage with my awesome husband, Mike.  Mainly we were looking for a better way of life and lower cost of living.  Thankfully we ended up in TX where I was able to find the right kind of help for treating my Lyme Disease which I'd had since a child. After we had 3 beautiful babies, symptoms worsened for me and so did my immune health. Thankfully, I was introduced to an amazing Homeopathic Practitioner in our area who also uses Young Living. I bought oils for myself and for my family 2 years ago. Using them alongside of homeopathy I have maintained a healthy immune health supported my musculosketal system. Essential oils have been a huge missing piece of our health puzzle!  I am a healthier person. Have more energy and more balanced than I've ever been. For this reason I have chosen to share Young Living on purpose helping one family at a time take control of their health and their lives!  
My favorite oil would be Thieves. This powerful blend has kept us well during seasons of illness and allowed us to recover quickly if we do catch a germ! I can help you on your oily journey if you want me to be your sponsor here