Keep their tresses free from messes August 04 2015, 998 Comments

I'm not sure why, but my daughter was especially excited about making this up for herself.  She's getting very particular about her hair.  Which has it's awesomes except lately, we have encountered a daily struggle over who gets to brush it.  I bought her a pretty sparkly brush and bows and I thought that would be enough collateral to allow mama the privilege of brushing, but it's been communicated that she wants control of that domain.  Which is okay, except... it gets knotty.  Really knotty.  Actually even worse than knotty.. she tends to actually brush UP which teases her hair and she is thrilled with the result.  Come bath time when I need to shampoo through that mess?  Not so much.  Did i mention she's the most tender headed thing in the world?  When I even bring the brush within 4 inches of her head, she starts to cringe. Yikes.  Okay, enter THIS homemade spray!  Let me explain a little about what goes into it because I'm sure conditioner makes sense but tea & essential oils can throw some mamas for a loop.  First is the tea.  There are certain herbs that are so healthy for hair and this is an easy way to get the benefit.  Here's some you can get familiar with:

  • Marshmallow Root is fabulous for hair and actually has a cool, soothing sensation and when wet is slippery and also works as a mucilage, which provides a thick substance that can coat the hair and make it silky.   When brewing it as a tea you need to brew cold to keep these properties in tact.
  • Nettle Tea is also a great addition to your healthy hair spray as it is rich in iron and helps with hair loss and to promote healthy hair growth. They also help to control the amount of sebum on your scalp so if you are a dandruff sufferer, this would be a great add.  I always figure, if it's good, why not add it?
  • Chamomile is also super nourishing for your hair and scalp.  It can also add a crazy great shine and it's often used to lighten/brighten hair.
Low and behold, I found a tea on Amazon that contains all three of those things here.  So to make it easy, this is what I bought and used.  I have a strainer for loose leaf tea, if you don't, you can either get a cheesecloth and strain through that or buy loose leaf tea.  A helpful tip is to look for teas for kidney and bladder health, they often have hair healthy herbs in them.  Remember to brew cold!   

Next we want to find just the right combination of essential oils to add to our spray!  

This is so good for skin for anyone and I think everyone would benefit from it.  Added.

None of my kids have dry hair so I skipped this one.

Healthy hair is hair that grows.  This is also especially good for fragile baby hair.  I have a 2 year old is baby fine hair so this was great for her.  Added.

I hope you understand where I am going with this as it's all I'm legally allowed to say per the FDA.  But I have seen too many mamas use this combo successfully when the time at school came that sent them into a frenzy inspecting their children's scalp with a super fine comb... I can't not share it!

Okay here's my little teapot.  I added 3 T of tea and filled it with 1 cup of water.  

Filtered water on tap. It's a beautiful thing!

Let brew.  Remember since this is cold we need to steep for much longer.  Find something to do for 20 minutes.

Alright you're going to need to add 2 T of conditioner to a bowl.  I added essential oils to my teaspoon first so it created a slippery surface for the conditioner to just slide out and I wouldn't have to get super messy trying to get it out of the measuring spoon.  So I added about 20 drops of my essential oils to the spoon and dumped into the bowl.

Now your conditioner.  Add that to your bowl.  Lovely isn't it?  

Now you need a little hot water to break up the conditioner.  I added 1/2 c of hot water to the bowl and stirred it around vigorously.  Once I had a more liquified conditioner, I added my steeped tea.

And this is what you get!  Definitely not the prettiest thing in the world but it works.  It won't fully mix until you pour it into a bottle and shake it up well.


All finished!  Now here's the thing:  you HAVE to shake before every use.  This stuff separates something fierce and I have also decided I'd like to store it in a colored spray bottle.  I mean, you don't NEED but it definitely starts to look like a science fair project so it's much nicer to look at a colored, opaque bottle.  This lasts for a good couple of months sitting out so if I was going to do it again (and I am!) I would make a batch, store it in a mason jar in a bathroom closet and pour a bit for daily use into a bottle that's smaller, colored and has a finer mist spray like this.  This type of spray nozzle pictured is more for cleaning and so it will get their hair very wet.  Which is fine after a shower but it's also nice to put on dry hair to help with styling of combing through.  


Look at those luscious locks!  I have been spraying this on her hair after every wash.  

Look at that adorable four year old!  Oh wait, I'm supposed to tell you...


In two weeks!  She's super excited and the idea that I referred to her as four and not Almost Five was highly offensive. So I apologize to all other Almost Five year olds.  :)