Throw your Hands in the Air Cause Your Pits Don't Care! July 27 2015, 1 Comment

I have been having on and off luck with deodorants FOREVER!  Not even the organic or natural ones.  I have tried everything under the sun and I have found that sometimes, something would work fabulous for a year or two and then BAM!  I needed to hug everyone t-rex style because there was no way I was lifting my arms up that high!   I started to get concerned about commercial deodorants because I was hearing all sorts of things about the dangers of aluminum in them and how harmful they can be to the lymphatic system when your body isn't naturally eliminating things out of your arm pits (which is why the good Lord made you to sweat!).  So let's start with some things we should know about deodorant and our underarms.

 There is actually a pretty big difference between deodorant and antiperspirant! We most often always say deodorant when actually what most people are buying is antiperspirant.  What's the difference  Well, deodorant helps fight body odor, but antiperspirant actually "saran wraps" over your ducts like yesterday's leftovers which effectively, blocks your body from the ability to sweat.  Sounds like a good idea, I mean, who likes sweating all over the place?  Well, here's why this is a bad idea:

  • Antiperspirants contain chemicals such as zirconium and aluminium that are taken up through the hair shaft or pores in the skin, where they react with water and swell. Once they swell they become gel-like and block perspiration from coming through.  Interestingly enough, they don't actually STOP sweating, your body just never lets it out.  Gross.
  • We eliminate a lot of toxins in our body through sweating. This is a natural function that could cause a lot of malfunctions over time.  
  • According to this study blocking off sweat in our body can actually cause our body odor to be worse over time since it's not flowing out when it needs to be.  
  • Your body NEEDS to sweat and actually has the ability to become immune to antiperspirants.  This could explain why I needed to keep switching brands.
  • While the FDA hasn't done enough research to tie the aluminum in antiperspirant to Alzheimer's there is still signifiant risks to your body.  Aluminum over time is very taxing on your kidneys.

Okay I'm sold off anti-perspirant.  But why make my own?  Well, it's super simple, super cost effective, you can scent it however you like and gives you the opportunity to show your underarms some REAL LOVE by incorporating essential oils on your skin.  To make deodorant here's what you need:

You can definitely make this without shea butter and only arrowroot or only baking soda but I have never liked the consistency of those as much.  And they also didn't work nearly as well as this recipe:
  • 3 T Coconut Oil
  • 3 T Baking Soda
  • 2 T Shea Butter
  • 2 T Arrowroot 
  • Young Living Essential Oils 
To start, I like using a double boiler.  Camp style.  If you want even easier though get a big glass jar and stick it in a pot of simmering water.  You'll make it all in the jar and it's super easy clean up.  So, fill with water and turn on the burner. Once it's hot, put the top on and then....
Add first your coconut oil, and then your shea butter.  I like to buy a big block of raw shea butter and it has the consistency of super soft playdough.  I know, you're already sold!
Wait for it to melt.  It takes a LOOOOONG time.
I'm still waiting so I thought I'd pull out some oils that would be awesome for deodorant.  I used a reference guide I had on hand to look up certain oils that helped with certain body systems that were of interest to me.  These are some of my favorites.  
Okay... we're done!  It's melted!  Now, turn off the heat.
Add your baking soda and your arrowroot.
And gently stir.  It will feel like super runny pancake batter.  And just like pancake batter, a little lumpy.  Don't stress that's okay.
Now I take the pot and pour it into these jars.  I like the wide mouth because it's easy for my hand to get in and around the edges when it gets low.  I also like it because it's even easier for my husband, who will not fiddle around with weird jars he'll get his hand stuck in just because his wife made it.  So I doubled the recipe here and it made enough for both jars. 
How did this even happen?  For my husband, I narrowed it down to these four.  For me... I put these ALL in on the left!  What is wrong with me?  Basically they're like cookies.  If I put them out, I WILL WANT THEM ALL!
Since it's runny and i'm in a hurry to try it out, I throw them in the fridge to cool off and harden again.  This isn't necessary but... why not? I took them out after 2 hours and put them in the bathroom.  Meanwhile, can someone please educate me about putting basil in the fridge?  Whenever I put cut basil in the fridge I feel like it wilts and burns black super fast.  How is this not a good idea?  Okay, sorry, back on track.
Next day, here is the consistency.  The shea makes it super soft and nice on the skin.  
Bonus: I have applied this morning and I'm still lifting my arms and smelling only the soft fragrance of 1001 oils!  Haha.  But no foul smells here!  Keep in mind it's currently 103 degrees where I live!  Win!