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I love perfume.  Love love love.  I used to be a perfume junkie, always needing to collect the newest fragrance at Sephora.  I like musky, sweet, ambery woodsy scents. To me, it's pure heaven.  I'm pretty sure my favorite 12 year old Christmas present - a Love's perfume collection from my Aunt was what kicked off this obsession.  Remember Baby Soft?  Come on, I know you used it!  

Enter the years of hormonal imbalances and caring about aging skin...  It happened slowly, but surely.  The stuff I was putting on my body was NOT treating me well, no matter how good I smelled.  I needed an alternative.   And guess what?  Making homemade perfumes with essential oils is so easy, your kids can make their own (what little girl wouldn't LOVE a homemade perfume as a gift?), it's great for your skin and won't prematurely age you.  

So not only are you going to make a completely individual, customized to you scent, but you'll be taking care of your body.  Think about it:

  • Synthetic fragrances contain hormone disruptors which have been linked to a ton of medical problems, including hormone imbalance, thyroid issues and cancer
  • Synthetic fragrances can cause allergic reactions or wreak havoc on people with sensitivities, causing headaches or worse.

So I know the power of smelling good... let's take control of our health and bless our bodies and those around us with perfumes from the highest quality essential oils, Young Living!  

 Okay here's what you need:

Roller bottles.  I get them from Amazon.  These are my favorite.  Of course they match my logo perfectly.  Maybe that's why I love them.

Essential Oils - whatever you have!  Just start opening bottles, holding ones you'd like to put together and give it a good inhale.  If you like it, you got a mix!  

It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3... or Top, Middle, Bottom

Guys this is easy and anyone can do it.  You just need to be able to read and have a sniffer.  Most people checking out this page have both. If you can't read and are on this page contact me, because I'm seriously impressed!  

Okay before we jump into making... you need to take a minute and inhale some oils.... what do you want YOUR scent to smell like?

What do you want your signature to be?

For many people, there is a single oil that they absolutely love and that is enough for them.  Of course that's not complex, but trust me, it's still lovely and people will all recognize you by it if you wear it enough over and over.  

I have a friend who LOVES jasmine.  It's her scent.  I love it too... maybe not enough to be a perfume, but on her it smells wonderful, warm and spicy and energizing.  And whenever I smell it, I think of my friend.  

Young Living also offers lots of pre-mixed blends of oils that take the guess work out for you.  And I know the appeal of that!  

However, I known the allure of making your own is ALWAYS making it YOUR OWN. So let's make magic happen.

  • Go check out your oily stash and spend some time sniffing.  Find an oil that is totally YOU.  You love it, it's should be named after you.  That one.  Grab it.  
  • Perfumes are all about having a complexity to them with top, middle and low notes of scent.  If you want something more complex than what you have in your hand, you'll want to add a few other oils to it. 
  • So, now you'll need to experiment.  There's a really helpful list here and check out the  list here at the middle of the page, and determine what notes the oil you picked contains and pick some other notes that would compliment it. Pick from what you have on hand (or might need to add to your wish list)


I generally always use three oils together as my rule of thumb but my husband feels like that's overwhelming and when he wants cologne, he only likes to mix two.  But don't get hung up because there are no rules here!  You are making something that YOU love.  Rose-cypress, ylang-ylang-sweet orange, and lavender-clove are all blends that have been known to work well together.

So after you put your oils in your roll on I want to suggest you leave the bottle about halfway empty.  Why?  You need a carrier oil!  I love carriers for two reasons:

  • Some oils can smell lovely but be hot on the skin so a carrier will help to dillute that heat
  • All essential oils are volitae and so they will evaporate off the skin very quickly.  The carrier will keep them on so you're smelling good and feeling the benefits much longer.  For perfumes I like fractionated coconut oil or Young Living's V-6 pre-mixed odorless carrier oil.

I'm the type that likes some ideas to kick me off so here's some from one of my favorite healthy bloggers, Crunchy

A Few Blend Ideas to Get You Started

Fresh and Kicky (Vetiver, Ginger, Grapefruit)

  • 17 drops grapefruit essential oil
  • 14 drops ginger essential oil
  • 10 drops vetiver essential oil

Romantically Wistful (Rose, Lime, Vetiver)

  • 25 drops rose essential oil
  • 10 drops lime essential oil
  • 10 drops vetiver essential oil

Sensuously Deep (Ylang-Ylang, Sweet Orange, Cedarwood)

  • 20 drops sweet orange essential oil
  • 15 drops ylang-ylang essential oil
  • 10 drops cedarwood (or sandalwood) essential oil

I also created a blend with grapefruit, clove and vanilla. And one with jasmine, nutmeg, and basil.  I might have bought rollerball bottles in bulk so I'm going CRAZY over here.

One last thing to consider... these make amazing gifts!!!  Does you mom have a certain smell she loves? My sister in law used to always spray lavender around her house and now it reminds me of her.  Make a custom bottle for someone. I promise they will love you for it!  

The Bottom Line: Experiment!  Let this be fun and find your signature!



Figured it Out?

What perfumes do you already have and love?  Have you adapted some ideas and made a healthier version? What would you dream perfume be?  I want to know!!!  Want to see my current scent?  I am literally dying over how amazing this smells!  And I added a bit of my homemade vanilla (throw vanilla beans in a jar, top with a good vodka, store in a dark place and shake periodically... you're welcome!) and a little funnel makes pouring it and the carrier oil in super easy.  Don't ask me the ratios, I can't even remember.  I used up all I had left of vetiver but I don't think it was that much.  Check it out!