My Top 5 Oil Uses April 21 2015, 0 Comments

Rebecca Alwine is an Army wife, mother of two, and current resident of Arizona. She started using Young Living in October 2014 and enjoys finding new uses for essential oils every day. She enjoys running, reading, lifting weights, and cooking. Rebecca is also a freelance writer and has been published online and in print magazines. She looks forward to sharing her oily finds with you. You can follow her on Twitter and on Instagram.


I started using oils in at late 2014 with my Premium Starter Kit and quickly realize I needed more oils in my life! I now find myself using oils multiple times a day for things I would usually either ignore or turn to the medicine cabinet to fix. So here are my top five daily uses for oils.

In my water

In every glass of water I drink there is a drop of citrus oil. I try to mix it up throughout the day but in my current rotation are Lemon and Citrus Fresh. I love the extra flavor my water has with a little oil and I love the smell. Remember we taste a lot through our sense of smell. Plus the citrus is good for me. Helps me to drink more water and also detox.

To clean

Just the other day my husband asked where the Clorox Wipes were. Um, no. We are now using Thieves to clean with. A little cleaner in the spray bottle and a paper towel (I’m sure I will at some point figure out how to make something reusable, but not today) for the counter tops, kitchen table, bathroom sink, etc. Oh, and what’s that next to all my sinks? The Thieves Foaming Hand Wash. Yup. Smells amazing each time I wash my hands. (And it’s an easy way to make sure the kids actually used soap…..)


To brush my teeth

Again with Thieves. I’ve really liked using the Thieves Toothpaste and Mouth Wash. LOVE them. Feels tingly and clean, smells good, what more could I ask for in a toothpaste? Added bonus: I don’t have to use the yucky tasting one my husband loves.

For muscle recovery

Since I’m a glutton for punishment and usually enjoy working out, I need something for that soreness most days. I’ve made Panaway bath salts for a nice relaxing soak. Or rubbed a blend of Valor, Purification, and Panaway on my sore muscles. And even put peppermint directly on a sore spot.

To sleep

Here’s where I first got hooked. I diffused a little Peace & Calming and my husband and I both started sleeping better. Much better. I’ve never had a problem sleeping but I sleep so much better now. My husband snores less, I feel better rested, and something magical comes out of that bottle. I could live without it (as long as something is being diffused while I sleep) but I’d rather not.

I use oils for more than these 5 things most days, but these are the big ones for me. What are some things use you oils for?


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